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Week 12

April 19, 2010

This week proved to be one of the hardest weeks this class has provided so far.  Concepts I’ve learned include div ids and classes which are used in css in order to change the characteristics of a specific part of a webpage (ex, a div tag could be used to change the position of an individual text box).  Throughout the course of this week, I also assembled two webpages from scratch using dreamweaver and sliced images.  This provided many challenges due to specifications found in individual computers as well as different monitors, and internet browsers (ex, a page may look proper on your computer, but it does not mean that it will look proper on other computers.).  However, using new css techniques learned throughout the course of this week as well as techniques that were acquired throughout earlier portions of the class, I managed to assemble a rough html page of the homepage for my final website.  I also learned to put the text property tools found in the properties pannel to use if I needed to move text away from a specific portion of the page (using indents, spacing, scaling, etc).


Week Eleven

April 12, 2010

Throughout the course of this week, I learned a little on how to create rollovers using css.  While I saw this concept as a useful technique to learn, I also saw it as a challenging technique.  However, if I manage to learn how to use this technique properly, it will be a techniqe that I will use in my final website in order to enhance the visual effects of the buttons that I plan to use for my website’s navigation.  I also learned how to download and install typefaces onto my coputer in order to add more unique typefaces throughout my website.  One other interesting concept that I have learned is that Fireworks and Dreamweaver work hand in hand to the point where you can import work performed in dreamweaver directly into fireworks so one can edit specific items in a webpage, and then importing the edited page back into dreamweaver.

The following Images are my final comp drawings…. any suggestions over which design I should use would be greatly appreciated.

Week Ten

April 5, 2010

Throughout the course of this week, I was able to practice on topics which involved creating image files that did not use alot of memory but at the same time, maintaining the quality of the image.  The major skill that I learned this week was the “slicing technique” in both photoshop and fireworks.  The purpose of this technique appears to be the same for both programs, which is to isolate seperate characteristics of a document, image, and or page and save it as an individual file (for example, one could use the slice tool in order to draw a shape around an image on a webpage comp, that one characteristic could then be saved under its own file.)  These components can then be applied to a webpage composition as well as a webpage

The following images displayed below are my improved comps for my final webpage, including three posible homepages as well as two interior pages.