Week Nine

Throughout the course of this week, I continued to work on my design document, as well as start work on my composition drawings for my final website.  I also learned alot about typography on the web.  Concepts include terms such as serif (fonts that contain bracketts at the end of each character, and used best for headings), and san-serif (fonts with no brackets at the end of each character, used best for paragraph text).   I also learned about how handwritten text is used for website, however, I would be interested as to how to import your text onto other computers.  I think the most interesting concept Ive learned regarding typography was about dingbat symbols and how they can be applied in order to add addtional imagery onto a website.  Throughout the course of this week, I also learned how to design effective comps for my final website using fireworks, eventhough I used Illustrator in order to design my storyboards, it feels like Fireworks will serve as a more effective software in order to develop comps for any websites mainly because it measures in pixels (which is the primary measurement for websites), you can also save fireworks images as GIFs which can be imported onto the website.


One Response to “Week Nine”

  1. Jennifer Schuster Says:

    Shane – please embed your first two design comps on your blog.

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