Week Seven

Throughout the course of this week, I learned alot about animating in both photoshop as well as fireworks (a technique that i had no idea that one could perform in these programs).  While I am currently enrolled in a Flash animation class, the concepts that I learned throughout the course of this week not only proved as a refresher towards techniques I learned during my Flash class, as well as techniques that I never knew existed in photoshop or fireworks.  I also learned about the different kinds of search engines (crawler, human-powered, and hybrid).  Crawler search engines search the entire internet for web pages that contain the keywords presented in the search.  Human-powered search engines are when the user submits a short description to the directory for his or her site, and the Hybrid search engines contain attributes from both search engines. 

Work for the final project will begin throughout the course of the upcomming week (last week I had too many major projects due for at least two classes).  And I have decided to create a portfolio for my final project.


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