Week Five

I guess first and foremost…. this has been one of the first weeks where I have managed to complete the required assignments without any problems.  The main concept that I learned throughout the course of this week is CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).  Which remains similar to html, however, it can be used for more than one page, since it serves as a template that can be used for multiple webpages.  CSS defines the appearance of the overall layout for a webpage, as well as the appearance for the text that is present throughout the webpage (size, typeface, color, etc,.) and the overall color of the background color.  I also learned how to create background images using photoshop, as well as me being capable of reviewing specific concepts and effects in Fireworks in order to improve on my AACC banner (using gradients, dropshadows, textures, and other special effects)

Regarding the final project, I believe that I will stick with my portfolio idea for the final project.  My intentions for this webpage will be to create a portfolio in order to present to any hiring game companies in hopes to start up my carreer as a game artist.


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