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Week Nine

March 21, 2010

Throughout the course of this week, I continued to work on my design document, as well as start work on my composition drawings for my final website.  I also learned alot about typography on the web.  Concepts include terms such as serif (fonts that contain bracketts at the end of each character, and used best for headings), and san-serif (fonts with no brackets at the end of each character, used best for paragraph text).   I also learned about how handwritten text is used for website, however, I would be interested as to how to import your text onto other computers.  I think the most interesting concept Ive learned regarding typography was about dingbat symbols and how they can be applied in order to add addtional imagery onto a website.  Throughout the course of this week, I also learned how to design effective comps for my final website using fireworks, eventhough I used Illustrator in order to design my storyboards, it feels like Fireworks will serve as a more effective software in order to develop comps for any websites mainly because it measures in pixels (which is the primary measurement for websites), you can also save fireworks images as GIFs which can be imported onto the website.


Week Eight

March 15, 2010

My main focus throughout the course of this week was to work on my design document for my final project (more or less done).  I also worked with the animation concepts I learned last week in order to improve my photoshop animation.  The main concept I learned throughout the course of this week was how to combine html and css in order to create new styles, but apply them to specified portions of a webpage.  Im having some difficulties figuring out these concepts as well as apply them effectively on my resume.  But it remains to be a useful technique, and one that I would like to apply to my final project.

Week Seven

March 8, 2010

Throughout the course of this week, I learned alot about animating in both photoshop as well as fireworks (a technique that i had no idea that one could perform in these programs).  While I am currently enrolled in a Flash animation class, the concepts that I learned throughout the course of this week not only proved as a refresher towards techniques I learned during my Flash class, as well as techniques that I never knew existed in photoshop or fireworks.  I also learned about the different kinds of search engines (crawler, human-powered, and hybrid).  Crawler search engines search the entire internet for web pages that contain the keywords presented in the search.  Human-powered search engines are when the user submits a short description to the directory for his or her site, and the Hybrid search engines contain attributes from both search engines. 

Work for the final project will begin throughout the course of the upcomming week (last week I had too many major projects due for at least two classes).  And I have decided to create a portfolio for my final project.

Week Five

March 1, 2010

I guess first and foremost…. this has been one of the first weeks where I have managed to complete the required assignments without any problems.  The main concept that I learned throughout the course of this week is CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).  Which remains similar to html, however, it can be used for more than one page, since it serves as a template that can be used for multiple webpages.  CSS defines the appearance of the overall layout for a webpage, as well as the appearance for the text that is present throughout the webpage (size, typeface, color, etc,.) and the overall color of the background color.  I also learned how to create background images using photoshop, as well as me being capable of reviewing specific concepts and effects in Fireworks in order to improve on my AACC banner (using gradients, dropshadows, textures, and other special effects)

Regarding the final project, I believe that I will stick with my portfolio idea for the final project.  My intentions for this webpage will be to create a portfolio in order to present to any hiring game companies in hopes to start up my carreer as a game artist.