Week Five, Final Project Proposals

The main concept I learned throughout the course of this week was the concept of  applying stock photography within a webpage.  I learned how to download images off of gettyimages.com and upload each of them into Fireworks in order to edit the file format of each image as well as the image itself.  I also learned about using the proper techniques in order to export a picture file so that I could export a relatively small picture file, while at the same time, maintain a decent quality image.  One main issue that I ran into was that I learned that for some reason or another, I am unable to “Put” dreamweaver fils on the website. 

Final Project Proposals

Proposal One:  My first idea for my final project was to create my graphic design portfolio within dreamweaver.

Proposal Two:  My second idea for the final project was to create an official website for my friend’s band.  This however would involove me researching trying to figure out what content would be used throughout the webpage as well as what color scheme and layout would be used throughout the website.

Proposal Three:  My third idea closely resembles my second idea.  However, it would be for one of my other friends who performs solo.  However, I would still have to research in order to figure out the layout, color scheme, and content that will be used throughout the webpage


One Response to “Week Five, Final Project Proposals”

  1. gigi-mo Says:

    All of these are fine options. Some things to consider:

    * You will need to do research regardless of which topic you choose – including if you do a portfolio website. Research will be an integral part of the process.

    * If you work with the band or your friend the soloist, you need to meet with them and discuss the project. They need to be involved – ie, you cannot simply just create a website for them without interacting with them throughout the process.

    * If you do work with your friends, then make sure they are aware of the project requirements and deadlines, and that they are OK with them.

    Let me know what you decide.

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