Week Four

Throughout the course of this week, I learned about the concepts of color, and color schemes as well as additional skills in fireworks.  I learned about color associations, which involve the emotional attributes within each color (Examples:  Red represents excitement, Green is associated with nature, white is associated with perfection).  I also learned how to use warm and cool colors (cool colors should be used as a background color for a webpage while certain warm colors should be used in order to allow certain elements within a webpage to pop out.  This chapter also served as a refresher regarding the RGB version of the color wheel. 

Regarding Fireworks, I learned about the different auto-shapes as well as how to use the pen tool.  I also learned about the different tools that are capable of manipulating pictures including the burn, sharpen, and blur tools.  I also learned how to change the color of certain parts of a picture within fireworks.


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